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Ashton 1 Drawer Sidetable

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Beverly King Single Slat Bed Frame

Bed Frames Wellington

Looking for Bed Frames in Wellington? Oakano Furniture Can Help

If you’re in the market for bed frames in Wellington, Oakano Furniture has what you need. We offer a variety of bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture, including beds, dressers, coffee tables, bookcases, dining tables, chairs, and much more. However, our bestselling items are our bed frames in NZ featuring storage space in convenient pull-out drawers underneath. These modern beds offer the convenience and organisation you need to keep your room in order and looking great.


Bedroom Furniture New Zealand

Bedroom Furniture New Zealand

Choosing Bedroom Furniture in New Zealand and Where to Buy

Choosing new bedroom furniture in New Zealand is exciting but can also be somewhat intimidating. It’s fun to give your personal space a new look, one that suits your current tastes and personality, but you may also be a little wary of making a mistake and ending up with a bedroom you don’t love. Fortunately, selecting the perfect pieces is easy when you know a few tips for making the right choices. When you shop at Oakano Furniture, you’ll find beautiful and functional pieces designed to help you live your life in happiness and style.


Ashton 1 Drawer Sidetable

Bedside Cabinet

Beverly 2 Drawer Sidetable


Kotak 4 Shelf Cube


Boston 1 Drawer Dresser


With a clean, modern aesthetic our Boston bedroom furniture range is made from predominantly solid oak and oak veneers for a durable and visually striking finish. You'll enjoy the beautiful natural grain of the wood, as well as enduring style and an elegant profile that will stand the test of time.

Bow 1 Drawer Sidetable


Our Bow range of bedroom furniture is made predominantly from solid oak and oak veneers for a durable and visually striking finish. This platform bed frame is designed with sprung slats in the base that provide additional support for you and your mattress. Its clean lines and rounded corners offer a clean, modern and minimalist look for your bedroom. The sleek painted finish of the White option is a considered choice for modern bedroom decor.

Hanm Folks Solid Oak Bench

Chair / Bench

Ashton 1 Drawer Sidetable


Zara Coffee Table in Wenge Stained

Coffee Table

Kava 3 Drawer Sidetable


Hanm Folks Solid Oak Dining Table

Dining Table

Koeler Double Flexi-Slat Storage Bed Frame

Double Frame

Beverly 3 Drawer Dresser


Continental TV Unit / Sideboard

Entertainment Unit

Hanm Ercol Wooden Cloth Rack


An independent designer, founded the furniture brand Han Mu. To show a remarkable modern wooden works, Han Mu focuses on natural Nordic, gets the essence of Chinese ancient furniture, and utilising modern wooden craft. More than 20 years which specialised in solid wood bending, tenon structure, and other complex crafts.
Infinite 2 Drawer Sidetable


Luxurious and elegant, the Infinite collection places wood at its front and center. Wood is sensual and warm to the touch, and this collection is designed to showcase the patterns and textures, which make every piece unique.
J04 Spindle Bar Chair

John Kelly

The J1 Series Furnishings have received favorable attention from around the world, and have been acknowledged by design editors and critics with several awards. All frames are constructed using mortise and tenon joinery, and a wood-on-wood drawer slide design. All spindles are octagonal and are pegged on their ends with walnut. All drawers are assembled using lap joints, and pegged with walnut dowels for strength; and all drawer pulls are made by boring a hole through the drawer front, and inlaying a walnut pull horizontally across its middle. Three coats of matte lacquer and one coat of finishing wax provide a sturdy, non-toxic finish that penetrates deep into the cherry. This layering of finishes allows the furnishings to develop a natural patina over time through exposure to air and sunlight.
Kava 3 Drawer Sidetable


Kessie 1 Drawer Sidetable


Koeler King Flexi-Slat Storage Bed Frame

King Frame

Welesley King Single Bed Frame

King Single Frame