About Us

Did you know that from traditional furniture retailers, your products are marked 400% and higher through layers of different costs (importers, distributors, retail stores operating expense, etc.)? Our idea is to revolutionize the way furniture is sold.

Oakano Furniture based on the following ideas:

From Manufacture Straight To Your Door

We know where to find the best products and have a vast sourcing network across Asia. With a dedicated sourcing and quality control team based in Asia, we identify and collaborate with the highest quality manufacturers to provide your furniture directly to your door.

Our Products are in Stock

What's more frustrating than to buy a furniture and waiting for months until it arrives? Unless stated otherwise, all our items are in stock and ready for dispatch. We aim to offer high end design at little prices while providing an excellent shopping experience!

… and We Pass These Cost Savings Directly To You

By eliminating the different layers of costs (importers, distributors, maintenance of various retail stores, etc.), we directly pass these cost savings to you! We are thus revolutionizing the model of traditional furniture store in Wellington!

At Oakano Furniture, We Offer...

Accessible High End Design

We believe that high-end design does not need to come at a high price tag. We are obsessive at keeping a lean, vertically integrated sourcing structure to pass the savings to our clients.

Simple Delivery

We offer a comprehensive flat fee structure for delivery. You can view our shopping process. click here

Oakano History

Our vision is to enhance people's lives through offering well designed, super functional and stylish home and business products at exceptional prices.

For more about Oakano History. click here