About Comforcel Mattress



Comfy Nest International Sdn Bhd is the leading supplier of Pillows and bedding products in more than 100 countries. We supply the industry's top pillows and bedding products, with each style providing the excellent sleeping comfort and well-being for the whole family.

With a team of experienced craftsmen, along with sales and services professionals, Comfy Nest is truly dedicated to providing the best value in the industry. We are always embracing change and challenges, all the while making progress and maintaining our trademark commitment to quality and value.

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Leading the Way in Mattress Innovation and Technology

All our pillows and bedding products are marked under the brand Comforcel™. Every Comforcel™ products is designed to provide exceptional comfort. Our product portfolio spans every price points and materials construction, so that everyone can find the sleep comfort they deserve.

Our success can be attributed to one a simple, yet powerful principle: to provide quality sleep sets manufactured with fine workmanship, delivery outstanding service, leading the industry through innovation, offering unique products, and to be the value leader in the bedding business for all our customers.


 Comforcel Around the World

The Comforcel™ has earned a leading position in many foreign markets and continues to expand its presence in emerging markets. With its collections, it is current present in over 100 countries worldwide.

Mission Statement

To continue as a leader in supplying the World's finest sleep products to help you "live comfortably".


Health first of all 

Health first of all

We believe that sleep is the most natural and powerful remedy that is within everyone's reach for ensuring an irreplaceable source of mental and physical health. That is why our products are designed to provide a maximum refreshing sleep, and manufactured using strictly certified procedures and materials.

Reliability and Safety

Reliability and Safety


Comforcel adheres to the highest standards for product quality and safety. All our products bearing the OEKO-TEX label are free of concentrations of harmful substances that could pose a threat to health.


On-going innovation


 On-going innovation

We have always been dedicated to developing new innovations in order to improve the comfort and well-being that we offer to our customers, continuously seeking out new designs, new ergonomic shapes and new materials to keep pace with the changing demands of the times.