Bed with Drawers

Increase Storage Space with a Beautiful Bed with Drawers

Investing in a bed with drawers is a strong choice when you want to increase your bedroom storage. Underbed drawers not only increase storage space but also limit the amount of dust that accumulates under the bed. Learn how to make the most of this bedroom upgrade.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your King Bed with Drawers

Purchasing furniture is an investment, and you want to ensure that you get the maximum value out of each piece. When purchasing a queen or king bed with drawers, consider: 

  • Purchasing a matching bedroom set. Purchasing a matching wardrobe, drawer chest, and bedside cabinet will provide even more storage capacity. A set creates a unified look that can make a small room appear larger or a large room feel cosier.
  • Check your room and bed dimensions. The primary benefit of a storage bed is regularly storing and retrieving items from the drawers. Measure all dimensions carefully to ensure that you have ample space to open each drawer fully. Ample pull space will make accessing your items easier, and you will be more inclined to use the entire drawer rather than the front half only. Easy access to your items means that you are more likely to use the drawers frequently and tuck away daily-use items right after you use them.
  • Place your most frequently-used items at the front of the drawer. Storage drawers can be quite deep, which is great for storing a lot of items but not-so-great for keeping a tidy drawer. By placing your most frequently-required items at the front of the drawer, you can access items quickly, easily, and with minimal disturbance to the rest of your stored items.

Problems Oakano Furniture Addresses

At Oakano Furniture, we understand what our customers are looking for when they purchase furniture—and which furniture-buying experiences they want to avoid.

  • We all want to avoid investing in poor-quality furniture, the kind of furniture that does not last and cannot be trusted to securely hold our possessions. Our team sources furniture, such as our double bed with drawers, from various manufacturers. Our dedicated quality control team works to ensure that all the pieces we carry are both affordable and sturdy—they will last for years.
  • We dislike complex delivery fees, so we have made things simple for our customers. We offer free in-store pickup or flat delivery fees. We dispatch all delivery orders within three to five business days from our warehouse. For information on delivery areas, fees, and delivery estimates, visit our Shipping page.
  • Every home could use more storage space. The furniture that we carry is designed to meet your storage requirements—for example, our queen bed with drawers has either two or four storage drawers depending on the model. We also carry sideboards, bookcases, coffee tables, and other storage pieces for the bedroom, living, and dining areas of your home.

At Oakano Furniture, we understand our customers and work to meet their furniture needs.

Why Oakano Furniture?

With over six years’ experience in the furniture industry, we take pride in carrying quality, durable furniture at reasonable prices. Our focus on simple, classic styles means not only will the furniture look good in your home today, it will also last for years to come.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you solve your storage challenges.