Furniture Stores Wellington NZ

Access High Quality Furnishings through Our Furniture Stores in Wellington, NZ 

In need of attractive new home furnishings? Our uniquely cost-effective process of importing high-quality, durable furniture enables us to stock our furniture stores in Wellington NZ with modern furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Beautiful home style is now accessible and affordable, and we ship nationwide.

What Sets Oakano Furniture Apart Regarding Furniture in Wellington?

We are changing the industry-wide approach to furniture sales by placing increased emphasis on our customers and ensuring that their shopping experience with us results in exceptional service, gorgeous products, and total customer satisfaction.

  • Sourcing: We have a team dedicated to sourcing quality products directly from the manufacturers, and by eliminating the middleman, we generate massive savings which we pass on to you.
  • Generous warranty: We improve your shopping experience with us by offering warranties on our merchandise. All products that you purchase from us carry a 12-month warranty while certain bed frames have a three-year warranty period and select mattresses have a five-year warranty.
  • Fixed shipping fee: We initiate nationwide shipping of in-stock orders within three to five business days. We offer fixed shipping fees based on the distance travelled, which generates further savings since you don’t pay per volumetric weight. You can generally expect your delivery within five to fifteen days for the northern part of the island and between seven and seventeen working days for the southern part of the island.

Our unique approach to supplying furniture creates a significant advantage for savvy furniture buyers.

What You Can Expect from Oakano Furniture among Furniture Shops in Wellington

For over six years, we have successfully sourced and supplied stylish furniture to our customers, who are particular and expect innovative designs and elegant styles from every piece. When locating furniture, we are always on the lookout for superb design, simplicity, and flawless craftsmanship, which we believe are the key components of quality furniture. Here’s what to expect.

  • Showrooms: While you can purchase your furniture online, we also have a showroom for those seeking furniture stores in Wellington who prefer to visually evaluate and assess furniture before deciding which items to purchase.
  • Easy payment terms: We offer interest-free payments through Genoapay, Afterpay or Gem Visa.
  • Knowledgeable staff: Our staff are friendly and capable, and we’re ready to assist you with all your furnishing queries. Let us help you calculate the space required for the furniture that you are interested in so you can avoid the mishap of purchasing furniture which is not suited to the intended space. Proportions are vital when decorating your home, for both appearance and functionality, and we can help you perfect your planning process.

Why Oakano Furniture Is Cost-Effective

We strive to supply you with high-end furniture at extremely competitive prices. Our business model allows us to source and import modern furniture from across Asia directly from the manufacturers. Our team of enthusiastic buyers places a high emphasis on quality as they purchase items to sell in our stores.

You have the style, we have the furniture—a perfect combination for a glamorous decor revamp. Contact us for any further information or furniture advice.