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The Benefits of Scandinavian Style Furniture 

In the early 20th century, a style of interior design emerged in Nordic countries: with long, dark winters, residents ensured that their indoor spaces were light and bright and favoured a gentle, understated use of colour. They chose wood in furniture manufacturing that was light in colour to blend in with this welcoming and refreshing theme. Now, you have easy access to this understated style through our online shop and Wellington showroom.

  • Clean lines: Scandinavian furniture has clean lines and is void of excessive detailing. One could say that the Scandinavian style is minimal, and this value is reflected in the simple, clean design of the furniture. Furniture in the Scandinavian style easily blends in with other styles to create a fused symmetry.
  • Simple colour accents: In keeping with the simple design of furniture that is traditionally found in the Nordic countries, accents are subtle and minimal. Blend a piece of furniture into your colour scheme by playing up the understated hues to contrast or complement your existing colours.
  • Textures: Textures are another design facet which is understated in Nordic-inspired pieces, and this fact lends itself to the creative use of textured throws, cushions, and carpets to accentuate the simplicity or to exaggerate the lack of texture to add depth to the decor in any room.

Creative Ways to Use Scandinavian Furniture in Wellington

When you start adding Scandinavian design to your interior spaces, your first step is to declutter. An uncluttered space will emphasise the clean lines and pleasing aesthetics which this decor style offers.

  • Be space-savvy: When decorating, ensure that your design is innovative and functional. For example, you could create multi-level shelving for a focus wall to offer modern storage, which helps with decluttering,
  • Light flooring: To display your furniture pieces as focal points throughout the interior, ensure that the flooring is light in colour with a simple texture and pattern. This lighting will enable your pieces of furniture to draw the eye without distraction from bold colours or tones.
  • Wood: The hottest trend in modern Scandinavian furniture is wood with a light colour, such as oak or pine. This material contributes to bright spaces and attracting as much natural light as possible.

When adding decorative accents to your sofa, bed, or dining table, the choice should be deliberate, For example, you could place an elegant vase in a contrasting colour on the dining table or bold, geometric-patterned cushions on a sofa, or you could consider an embellished textured throw for your bed.

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